What appears on bank statement with Livejasmin, Imlive, Camcontacts

Livejasmin and bankstatement

Updated on November 2012 
If you use Livejasmin, you will see the name "DDITSERVICES.COM" on your bank statement. Livejasmin is nowhere cited in the record. Below you can see a copy of a record of my own bank statement. I have hidden the 8 last digits of my credit card and replaced it with X. My credit card is in french and my credit card issuer added information at the beginning and at the end of the record.
If you think those records are not anonymous enough, you can pay with Ukash vouchers (only with livejasmin). Those vouchers can be bought at your local store with cash. Then, you just add the voucher details in your livejasmin account 
You can also pay through wire transfer. An umbrella Company will be displayed on your bank statement but there will be no way to communicate with this company and link it to livejasmin. You can also open a bank account at click2pay. Click2pay offers an Ewallet service. It is also used by poker websites like europoker. So, If a possessive wife sees a click2pay debit record on your bank statement, you can say that you played poker online. With click2pay no-one will be able to link the debit to livejasmin because your username and password are required to see Ewallet transactions.

Bankstement in Imlive

First of all, You will see below my bankstatement record after using Imlive. As you can see there is no mention of the website anywhere. Nevertheless, at the end of the bank record, you can read "carte" followed by in fact the last 8 digits from my credit card. This has been added by my credit card issuer. My credit card issuer does that with all the credit card records. I guess that other credit card issuers don't add this information at the end of record. In fact, my credit card issuer has overwritten the end of the record. If the programm would not have done so, we would have the full phone number of the Imlive payment processor CCbill. Plus, if someone googles valetta ccbilleu, she/he can find the support page of CCBILL. If this person knows your email address and youf credit card number, she/he can enter it in CCBILL customer support page and find the link between the credit card bankstatement and Imlive. I guess it is possible to call the CCbill customer support phone and get the same information than on the internet. Whatever the credit card issuer, "valetta ccbilleu com" will appear on your bank statement.
If you are concerned about your bankstatement privacy, i suggest 2 options:

Bankstement camcontacts

I used some webcam host services at camcontacts and here is how it appeared on my bank statement. The bankstatement record has words in french because i own a french credit card. All of my credit card records ends with 'carte' (card) followed by the 8 last digits of my credit card. It starts with 'paiement CB' (payment credit card) followed by the date. Whatever the credit card issuer you will see on your bankstatement record CC EUROPE NET with the amount in USD. For somebody who takes a look at this bankstatement, there is no way to understand that it was used for camcontacts. Consequently, if your credit card issuer uses to add information like my credit card issuer, you can easily forecast how the debit record looks like.
PAIEMENT CB 0210 52,93 USD

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